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Hidden Asset Searches

PII Investigations's private investigators are able to carry out financial investigations and a Hidden Asset Search on individuals and also their involvement in companies they may own or have interests or shares in. A persons obvious assets and financial standing may be very different to the real truth. For many reasons including tax evasion or avoidance, marital secrecy or other secrecy reasons, a person may choose to hide their assets from scrutiny. A hidden asset search carried out discreetly by our investigators can reveal detailed information about UK or offshore hidden assets.

A Hidden Asset Search Can Include

In determining a persons real wealth value our Investigators will look into areas where they may have interests; example can be......

*Property (accommodation and commercial) UK
*Property offshore (we can investigate into most countries worldwide)
*Boats, cars, etc..
*Banking within the UK and offshore
*Investments including shares, bonds etc..
*Trusts and Trust Loans
*Pensions and insurance
*Company shares
*Overseas corporate interests

What Hidden Assets Can We Uncover

In completing a hidden asset search into the above areas (and more) a private investigator is able to work from any information you already hold about the person to be investigated and search discreetly for areas of wealth you are not aware exist. Upon the conclusion of our financial investigation we will provide you with the results in a report that may be used for information or legal (court) action.

The Cost

The cost of any financial investigation or hidden asset search is generally proportional to the amount of investigation required. We will carefully asses your case and propose a solution to investigate into the areas where assets are most likely to be. Based on our recommendations and your requirements we will agree a course of action and supply you with a likely cost of the operation.


It is of the utmost importance that all of our hidden asset search is carried out with discretion and care. We have a dedicated team of private investigators who will undertake your investigation cleanly and accurately whilst maintaining our discretion at all times.

Our Success

Our success rate in uncovering the true wealth of individuals is very high. Whilst being case dependant and bearing in mind we can't uncover what isn't there, we are able to produce exceptional results for our clients. Much of our investigations take us offshore in search of assets, and our connections and resources allow us to locate assets and banking information even in difficult countries such as Central America, Eastern Europe and Switzerland.

If you need information on Corporate or company financial investigations or partner asset tracing please visit the corresponding page.

Please call 020 7138 3021 and speak to one of our private investigators - London office.

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We understand

We understand that it can be difficult making the phone call into our agency but please be assured you will be greeted by one of our understanding and professional private detectives and investigators in the strictest of confidence and in complete privacy.

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