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Criminal Appeal Investigations

A criminal appeal investigation can be carried out if the trial for a criminal case has passed and the the person has been convicted and sentenced, but is confident of their innocence to all or part of the conviction. For new criminal charges that have not yet led to a conviction, please see the criminal defence page.

The criminal appeal process is carried out rather similar to a standard criminal investigation, except that the aim is slightly different and often means that our client has lost their liberty.

There are certain limits both in time, and also the number of criminal appeal attempts that can be raised, so it is vitally important that the investigation is carried out quickly and accurately leaving no stone unturned.

It may also be that our client is dissatisfied with their previous legal representatives and wishes to change. We have strong connections with many excellent solicitors and barristers among the best in the country based in the heart of London's legal community. We are therefore in a position to recommend strong legal representation from a tried and trusted source to assist with the criminal appeal process if our client so wishes.

The Criminal Appeal

Many innocent or at least partially innocent people can be wrongly convicted simply because there is insufficient evidence available at the time of the trial to prove the innocence of the defence. In many cases the person is arrested and charged, may have restricted liberty and is faced with the Police and the CPS working hard to build up a case to try and convict them without anyone investigating the facts to support the accused. A successful criminal appeal, providing appeal evidence, formulated and carried out by our private detectives can even the balance and provide he maximum opportunity and support for our client.

The Solicitor And Legal Support For The Trial

Most solicitors rely heavily on interviews, with the accused and any witnesses statements, together with any supportive evidence that may readily be available to assist the case. They generally do not however actively investigate looking for new and supportive evidence, Investigate the validity of prosecution evidence or search for and obtain intelligence that could be used to offer a fair trial and criminal appeal. In short they can only base a defence on what they are given.

A Criminal Private Investigator

PII Investigations have specialist Criminal Private Investigators who are skilled in reviewing a case and carrying out a targeted investigation to access and pursue an appeal application. It is VITALY important that an opportunity is not wasted by attempting an application using existing evidence available previously or by using the incorrect appeal reason; a wasted appeal can make a second appeal harder to apply for.

The reasons targeted for an appeal will vary from case to case, and it is our investigators first priority to analyse the existing court paperwork, trial papers and transcripts in order to decide on a viable and most secure approach. Following this stage an in-depth investigation will commence with a view to a Detective providing the required evidence or facts to allow an appeal to proceed.

A criminal appeal investigation will in most cases involve one or more visits to the convicted person to interview and take details, it will also generally involve a client visit on at least one occasion by a private Investigator. Investigations may depending on requirements include local investigation, interviewing, research, obtaining witnesses, intelligence gathering from sources available to us and case building.


Generally in order to minimise cost we do not charge an hourly rate for most legal investigations, but instead we provide an estimate for the complete investigation together with a capped price if required. Please phone for more information when we shall be pleased to assist.

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