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Training is an integral component of any private investigator’s career, as this multi-faceted profession requires a diverse set of skills to achieve success. In fact, training must remain a central focus, both for individuals with aspirations of a career in investigations and for private investigators actively working in the profession.
The PII course is a comprehensive introduction to the world of Professional Investigation. It provides newcomers with a clear idea of the nature of the business and the areas that may provide a lucrative and rewarding career.
Unlike many other courses, the PII Course has been developed by fully qualified professional investigators, with years of evidenced experienced and academic qualification behind them.
The course is also unique in that it contains extensive input on management of an investigation using well-researched, practically proven and court-accepted administration system that you could utilise to your benefit, and that of your clients.
It is delivered through a mixture of online notes, interactive tests and tutorial assignments, allowing students to learn at their own pace, and to utilise their new knowledge in their own circumstances.
The course addresses many subjects, including but not restricted to:
The Characteristics of an Investigator – what type of individual carries out effective investigations?
Investigation Method – a proven template applicable to all investigations. If you only learn this methodology you will be able to conduct an effective investigation!
Taking Instructions and Client Relations – make sure you get and retain paying customers.
Statement Taking for Investigators – a core skill for anyone, taught by an experienced police detective and his private investigator counterparts!
Interview Law and Practice – how to elicit information from both the helpful and the obstructive!
Case Management – how to manage an enquiry so that it is successful, your clients needs are met, and expensive mistakes are prevented.
Incident Scenes and Exhibits – how to make sure that your exhibits are properly taken, stored and produced for forensic examination.
Tracing Investigations – need to find someone? Take this lesson and apply the skills personally as well as professionally!
Court Procedures – the law and practical aspects of taking cases to their ultimate end – a court hearing! Investigation by Computer – learn to utilise computers in investigations, an essential skill!
Surveillance and Recording – learn how when to use surveillance, and the practices and pitfalls of selecting a surveillance team.
All this, and specific skills and considerations relating to core investigative practices – process serving, criminal investigation, self-management, and more!
A career as a PI is the hottest career today
Working as a private investigator (PI) is interesting, exciting, and intriguing, which makes it one of the hottest careers for men and women today. Even with today’s struggling economy, there is no downturn for PIs. The escalation in crimes, fraud, and identity theft means a high demand in the job market for skilled, properly trained PIs. You can either become a specialist and focus your expertise exclusively on areas such as criminal defense, product liability, insurance fraud, and accident reconstruction, or you can become a generalist and work cases ranging from marital/custody to skip-tracing to high-tech intelligence gathering for multi-national corporations. The choice is yours.

It's easy to get the training you need
PII teaches you all the essential skills that you need to become a qualified private investigator with no long training programs or college classes to attend. In just three to 12 months, you can turn your passion into an exciting new career and begin solving cases. Very few careers have such short but effective training programs. Today, most worthwhile careers require years of education and training and then offer only limited opportunities to enter the field after graduation. With PII, you can immediately apply your new skills to a new career in private investigation or to advance your current career as a PI.

Why PII is the choice of professionals
PII is one of the most trusted names in PI training. PII offers over 24 years of experience training thousands of men and women in the principles of investigation. You’ll learn how to conduct quick, efficient investigations, build airtight cases that can withstand legal challenges in court, and begin building your reputation as a professional and ethical PI.

Conduct real field assignments
With PII’s careful guidance, you will engage in foot and vehicle surveillances, conduct real background checks, run criminal histories and license plate checks, trace telephone numbers, and access special PI databases.

Easily qualify for a new job as a PII graduate
Whether this is your first career or you are an experienced PI seeking to update your current skills, PII gives you the edge to compete successfully in today's job market and expand your career options.
Become a Private Investigator
This private investigation course will give you an amazing new career.
A year from now, you could be a private investigator. And as you walk down the street - any urban street - you’ll see things differently.
You notice a man sitting in a car, trying to look unobtrusive.
You see a woman weeping silently in her kitchen.
You spot three youths shoplifting.
An ex-convict is walking down the other side of the street.
And there’s a white truck that looks, well, out of place.
All around you the rest of the population goes about their business – unaware of the crime, the dramas and the threats surrounding them.
That’s the difference between you, the private investigator, and the ordinary Joe in the street.
PI's see things that others don’t. They know things that others never will.
And they hear things that others don’t want to hear.
PIs walk alone, carrying their knowledge with them. Sometimes it’s a heavy burden.
Like police officers, they conduct investigations. But unlike the police, no one sees them. They work quietly and unobtrusively, relying on their instincts, their charm and their knowledge of the street.
Is this the job for you?
As a private investigator, you’ll work for yourself, deciding what jobs to take on, and which to reject.
It's a tough job. You never know what will happen next.
And the outcome is entirely up to you. You're the one who must make it work.
But being in charge brings you big benefits. Imagine being able to take the day off, whenever you want. You can listen in to your answerphone from the beach, and decide whether you want the assignment.
And the range of jobs is extraordinary. You’ll find missing people, track down defaulters, and investigate commercial theft for business owners.
You’ll check prospective partners for men and women. You’ll carry out surveillance. And gather evidence against criminals.
Yet the work is flexible. You can fit the job around your existing commitments. And it means an end to commuting. Many people reclaim extra hours every day – hours that you can spend with your family or earn more money.
Unlike franchises or other jobs, it takes very little money to become a PI. All you need is a desk and a telephone. Plus the knowledge that we’ll teach you.

Take the first step – register on the course
And how do you achieve this? By registering on our Diploma course.
We bring the private investigation course to your home – so you don’t have to take time off work.
You can study private investigation from home, or your garden, absorbing the information in peace and quiet.
Imagine never having to put up with bosses or time wasting colleagues. Just think - every penny you earn goes into your bank account.
Wouldn’t you like a job that lets you work for yourself, and where every day is different? No job in the world is as varied as that of the Private Investigator.
And the work is vitally important. You’ll be helping clients, doing a job they don’t know how to.
And, most importantly, it’s in demand. People know that a private investigator can get them the answers they need.
Your service will be welcomed by people who’ll seek your advice. And if you’re talking in a bar and someone says, ‘And what do you do for a living?’ imagine the awed response you’ll get.
People will want to seek your advice. They’ll want hints for solving the problems in their own life.
So it’s probably best to have a cover. You can say you work in housing. Or benefits.
It takes a special kind of person to be a Private Investigator.
You need the stillness of the wolf, willing to work alone. The patience of a lion, stalking its prey. And the intelligence of a chess player, thinking several moves ahead.
But most of all, you’ll need the practical information that we provide.

About the course
There are 16 modules in the course, covering 350 pages. It provides the most comprehensive coverage of the subject available anywhere in the world. So you’ll learn everything there is to know about the subject.
In addition, you get a PI’s Manual. You’ll have a source of useful information that you can consult long after finishing the course.
Better than other private investigation courses - because you get one-to-one feedback.
The course has been written by a set of practicing and experienced PIs, who have condensed their knowledge into fascinating, readable and well-structured materials. You get accurate, useful information.
It’s lively and easy to read. It provides a comprehensive coverage of the subject.
The course is full of self-assessment tests (complete with answers) that ensure you’ve understood the material. These self-assessment exercises allow you to quickly test your knowledge.
Plus, we’ll ask you to complete ten assignments which will be marked by your tutor. This allows you to gain your Diploma.
The assignments are interesting, and are based on the real world. They aren’t designed to catch you out. By doing the assignments, you’ll learn more and you’ll build your knowledge.
You can take as long as you want to complete the course. Unlike other organizations, we don’t set a time limit. If you’re in a hurry, you can complete the course as quickly as you want, remembering that you have to complete all the assignments satisfactorily to get your Diploma.
You can complete the course at your own pace
You acquire a whole new set of skills, and build on your existing experiences. It’s a rewarding experience for you.
The course lets you embark on a new career as a private investigator. You get a big increase in satisfaction. It’ll let you do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time.
Student Testimonial
"All the way through I have had the pleasure in learning new skills and gaining information in how to conduct an investigation.
I would also like to point out that not only were they very helpful in the beginning on setting up my course work but I am also very grateful in having a great tutor. As any student doing any distance course work they will need to know they have the full backing, help and expertise from their tutor.
My marked assignments have made me feel very confident towards what I have learnt. In the past I did a similar course and I felt that I didn’t get the same backing as I have had with this course."
- Kevin Blunt, Diploma in Private Investigation student

Other features of the course
You get your own tutor. This person will be a practicing PI, not a college lecturer. You’ll get the answers straight from the real world. And so you’ll never be stuck for an answer.
Plus, you can phone an advisor at the Blackford Centre and get instant answers. So you’ll always have someone to turn to.
Setting up your business
As you study the private investigation course, you'll discover in great detail how to launch and market your PI business, something that many students lack confidence in. We’ll explain the legal requirements. So you’ll be able to set up your own practice with much greater confidence.

When you complete the course
When you complete the course, you’ll get a Diploma. You’ll command greater confidence among your clients. You’ll also have greater self-confidence.
When you complete the private investigation course, we’ll send a press release to your local newspapers if you choose, free of charge. It’s a great way to announce your new business.
You’ll also receive ‘Approved’ logos for your website and stationery. They demonstrate you’ve been examined and certified by us.
We look forward to helping you succeed.

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