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Why We Are Different

Private  Investigation International Ltd (PII) is a Private Investigation company that has strived to be different from other Private Investigation Agencies available throughout London and the UK. In being different we believe we offer a superior level of service resulting in better investigations, and a better experience for our clients.

No "General" Private Investigators

We don't have "general Private Investigators" who do a bit of everything, as we believe that people cannot possibly excel in all areas. We do therefore have Investigators who are chosen for their specialist skills, and it is within those skills that each Private Investigator is used. This means a better and more effective investigation, and a more confident and happier client.

Surveillance Personnel

Our Surveillance personnel are very highly regarded within the industry and also within the Legal community. Our agents are discreet and effective and ONLY do surveillance, being drawn from the Police, they have demonstrated exceptional reliability over many years with us. An outstanding conclusion was once achieved after more than 20 months of surveillance on two individuals, where the investigators were never seen or compromised and completed their task with a perfect result for our client.

Helpful and Courteous Investigators - At First Contact

When someone calls us, they won't be greeted with a cold and unhelpful Investigator. Neither will they be greeted by an Investigator who will offer an investigation that benefits us. Instead they will be greeted with a helpful and understanding Investigator who will listen without any judgment, and will discuss all available options. The Investigator will explain the advantages and also the disadvantages of each option along with a cost. All calls are treated as someone in need of help and assistance, and many people have remarked on this level of service.

The Right Service To Give The Right Result

Many individuals come to us with a problem. Sometimes they know what service they want, but in many cases they know what the end conclusion needs to be, but not how to get there. Our philosophy is that if the client wishes to discuss the case in detail, and with the extremely wide range of services we have on offer, we would then suggest a way of getting the result required and to explain the cost implications and time-scale to complete the work.

An Office In London And Nationwide Coverage

We benefit from having a physical base in the heart of London. This gives security and confidence for our clients, and also allows us to meet them face to face (charge applied) if they so wish. Our extensive team of Private Investigators also allows us to cover the majority of the UK.

Legal Investigations

We consider it is of the utmost importance that ALL investigations are carried out legally and that out actions are in line with data protection laws. This is important for two reasons. (1) All of our investigations are legal and therefore court admissible. (2) Investigations carried out illegally as provided by some companies can be dangerous for the client, as they are then in possession of documents or data that could result in criminal charges being brought against them.

Cost Of Investigations

We constantly monitor the cost of our services, and therefore we always try to remain as low in price as is possible. We are not the very cheapest, but then we have some of the best investigators in London. We do however offer a cost effective service that is in line with the expertise of our Investigators and the quality and accuracy of the information we provide.



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